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About Us

Climate change and conservation artist Scapa Joe, is a collaboration between artist Caroline Appleyard and photographer/ designer Dean Hodson. Both are self-taught. Caroline scuba dives, and also paints underwater. She has painted on the wrecks of HMS Royal Oak, and HMS Vanguard, and her paintings are in the Stromness museum, Orkney
Their work shows how wildlife and our planet is being affected by the climate crisis. Their creativity is inspired by personal experiences, feelings from within, and impressions from the ever-changing environment around us. Each piece they create has its own  presence and perspective, with its own individuality. Scapa Joe are involved with a number of charities, donating work for auctions, as well as prints to help raise funds, including the Red Cross and the Shark Trust. Based in the UK, their work is displayed in many countries including Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland , Germany, France and Australia.

Caroline paints underwater in scuba gear, and has been lucky enough to paint on HMS Royal  Oak and HMS Vanguard, both war graves in Scapa Flow. Dean loves the ocean, especially watching wildlife, with a beer. Both Caroline and Dean are inspired by their love of the ocean, and this helps them to create their climate change sculptures and paintings.
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